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The Violet Flame- Mercy for Mankind’s Mistakes   Leave a comment

Ancient cultures taught a closer walk between mankind and the elements of the earth. In these times of earth changes and severe weather, let’s look back to these legends for important keys to help us in our walk on planet earth at this intense time.

Kwan Yin is known in the East as the Bodhisattva of Mercy. Men and women through the ages have seen her, experienced visions of her and known her as an embodiment of the Divine Mother.

She teaches:

“Dearly beloved heart-friends of mine, for practical use let me anchor into your worlds today, through the open door of your attention upon me as you read my words, my feelings of that peaceful, gentle patience with all of life.  Of course, that includes your own sometimes “troublesome outer self,” which still requires your patient, determined and constant use of violet fire to bring it into the dominion of Light.  You will agree with me, I know, when I say that with even your own outer self you do get a bit out of patience when, through its age-old habits of thought, feeling, spoken word and action, it does not always instantly cooperate with your more spiritual plan of living.  Now, the feelings of irritation, fear or anger really do no permanent good in making things right; instead, they nearly always aggravate the condition and all connected with it in any way.

“For those who know not the way of deliverance from such distresses, the Great Law is very merciful when such discord is not quickly transmuted into light.  However, I tell you truth when I say that for those of our blessed chelas who do know of the merciful violet flame and have had thousands of proofs of its efficacy and unfailing help, the law of the very being of such a one will hold him responsible for the use of that which he knows and for his staying with it until the desired manifestation of perfection appears.  Remember, it would even be better for one not to know the law at all than to know it and then not endeavor to obey it to the best of his ability.

“Beloved ones, this violet transmuting flame is the full power of God in action to wipe out the causes and cores of all human mistakes, regardless of how, when, where, why or by whom they were made.  Its light and flame never fail to act instantly at your call.  The only appearance of delay or failure there can ever be anywhere is for the vacillating outer self of the unascended to give up too easily and too soon.  Keeping everlastingly at it brings success.

“You know, light manifests instantly for all of us!  Now, why does light manifest instantly for us and seem to require time and patience on your part to await its manifestation in your worlds?  Because, beloved ones, we have become its own purity and perfection, and in our personal worlds (as well as in our realm of life) there is naught of human shadow to obstruct or delay its instantaneous manifestations.  Do you see?  At your earnest calls light answers you instantly and goes direct (for it is intelligent substance) to the person, place, condition and thing to whom and to which it has been directed in the world of form.

“However, there it sometimes meets with the dense, solidified, heavy and slowly vibrating substance of discordantly qualified energy around the one in need, this shadowed substance acting like a shield (as it were) against the light until the light has had opportunity to dissolve the obstruction.  Do you see?  Especially when one begins his journey Home upon the path of Light, one must be very patient with himself and with others until he has transmuted the already gathered momentums of shadows of the past and reversed his age-old habits of thought, feeling, spoken word and deed which continue to make more shadows now.  Surely this is logical and understandable, too.  Sometimes the chelas are inclined to be quite patient with themselves but intolerant of others and this, without my saying so, is not quite the right attitude to be maintained.

“Now, this violet transmuting flame consciously called into action does actually dissolve (like water dissolves salt) those unfortunate condensations of distorted form created by the “human” but, again, the speed and intensity of its action depends largely upon the feelings of earnest sincerity, faith and loving gratitude in the consciousness of the one calling it forth.  Then, too, since the violet fire is actually God’s memory of perfection, it does more than just dissolve those forms.  It actually sublimates (refines by fire) and then transmutes into the pure light-essence from whence it first came forth all that shadowed energy, returning it to the sun for repolarization.

“Gentle, yet tremendously positive, determined and persistent is the nature of God-patience, which is one of the many virtues contained within the flame of mercy from on high.  For centuries before my ascension I so dearly loved and developed the virtue of mercy until I became the embodiment of that quality myself.  Within mercy are also faith (knowing the inevitability of perfection made manifest); hope (holding to the immaculate concept until it appears); and charity (that love which will never let go of the loved one or the needs thereof until eternal perfection manifests all ways).

“. . . As heart-friends and true companions of the ascended host on earth, should not all our beloved chelas endeavor now practically and daily to express the most loving patience with those human appearances as yet not transmuted in and around themselves and each other?  I can help you to do this if you want my help!  Call directly to me whenever those human feelings would express through you and ask me to give you my feelings of loving, patient mercy toward them.  I will give it to you if you will try to feel it.  Then hold the vision of divine mastery for yourself and others until that mastery does manifest.

“Let us make you a perfect outpouring and outpicturing of our gentle patience with all life.  We are never any farther away from you than your own heartbeat and we answer your every call.  Believe that, for it is true!”

The Gentle Patience of Almighty God, I AM

Your Sister Divine,

Kuan Yin

An Embodiment of Mercy to Mankind

Vol. 2 No. 24 of the Pearls of Wisdom, copyrighted by The Summit Lighthouse


Earth Changes, Earth Quakes, and a Spiritual Solution   Leave a comment

Welcome to Violet Flame Planet.

Every one on this planet is experiencing the intensity of earth changes, in weather, earth quake, the activation of volcanoes, political unrest and economic challenge. We seem to be entering “interesting times”. Remember that the awakened heart can serve as an island of sanctuary for those who are in crisis and afraid.

It is wise to consider ourselves co-creators with infinite intelligence and wise compassion, with the divine and sacred.

Here we explore both the changes happening on planet earth and also how to accelerate consciousness so that our planet as the help it needs in this time.

Violet is the highest frequency. The Violet Flame is a spiritual frequency given to mankind for this very time as a solvent, a power of transmutation, freedom and mercy.

Don’t take our word for it.

Experiment with mediation and visualization.

Experiment with the science of the spoken word.

As you see the news, and feel the fire of compassion, let your self say aloud:





Blessings to all on our planet.